JERUSALEM: 13 August 2023
ROCOR Hierarchs and Pilgrims from Europe and Western America Were Greeted by the Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Beatitude the Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine received a delegation of pilgrims from Europe and the western United States. Representing the group in the Patriarchal audience were His Eminence Metropolitan Mark of Berlin and Germany, His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe, and His Grace Bishop Theodosy of Seattle, together with the head of the ROCOR’s Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, Archimandrite Roman (Krassovsky), and clergy of the Diocese of Great Britain and Western Europe taking part in the Diocesan pilgrimage: Priest Pavel Golynsky, Priest Justin Venn, and Protodeacon Alexandre Boldyreff.

The joint group of pilgrims from Europe and the United States numbered more than 100, and His Beatitude spoke to the assembled group at length about the spiritual condition of the modern world and the need to stand for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Whose special blessing comes from visits to the sacred sites of the Holy Land with a strength to sustain us throughout the world. The Hierarchs and pilgrims alike were deeply moved by the Patriarch’s authoritative and spiritual words, as well as his evident affection for the pilgrims and the Church.

His Eminence Metropolitan Mark thanked the Patriarch for his attention and warm reception, and wished him strength and grace unto many continued years. Bishop Irenei in turn greeted the Patriarch at the end of the reception, giving special thanks for the spiritually close relationship between the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Church Abroad.

The next day, His Beatitude joined the pilgrims once again, at the Patronal Feast of St Mary Magdalen in the Gethsemane convent, where he delivered a homily for the Feast and joined in the Cross-procession, after which he met at length with the Hierarchs and Abbess of the convent, to discuss further spiritual and practical matters of Church life.



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