NYACK, NY: 19 May 2023
Holy Virgin Protection Church hosts the Eastern American Diocesan Assembly

On Friday, May 12, 2023, the Eastern American Diocese Assembly was held at Holy Virgin Protection Church in Nyack, NY. Officiating the Assembly was the Diocese’s Ruling Bishop, His Eminence Nicholas, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad.

Clergy and delegates from the parishes, monasteries, and church organizations of the Diocese began to arrive in the morning. A light lenten breakfast was offered in the hall. A moleben was then sung in the church, and the Assembly began. Metropolitan Nicholas called the Assembly to order, and delivered his State of the Diocese address. A list of reposed clerics and matushkas from 2018-2023 was read, after which "Memory Eternal" was sung for them.

Priest George Temidis, secretary of the diocesan administration, and Diocesan Council member Archpriest Mark Mancuso addressed updated diocesan administration policies.

Budget and Legal Compliance Chair Subdeacon Nicholas Pokrovsky then presented a report on the state of diocesan finances for 2018-2023. Joseph Kollar, chairman of the diocesan Auditing Committee, then read the Committee’s report on the work of their work and on the Diocese’s financial practices.

Archpriest George Zelenin, head of the diocesan Spiritual Court, and its secretary Archpriest Serge Ledkovsky delivered a brief report on the work of the Spiritual Court.

The Assembly then took a break for lunch, which was deliciously prepared by volunteers of Holy Protection parish.

After lunch, elections were held for Diocesan Council and Auditing Committee. Fr George Temidis explained the procedures and rules for voting. All of the nominees ratified by the Metropolitan for placement on the ballot were elected:

Diocesan Council: Archpriests Victor Potapov, David Straut, Mark Mancuso, and Alexandre Antchoutine, Priest George Temidis, Subdeacon Nicholas Pokrovsky. New members: Subdeacon Nicholas Ganson and Reader Andrew Semyanko.

Auditing Committee (all new): Subdeacon Adrian Fedorowski, Reader Gregory Galitzine, and Irene Garfinkel.

Metropolitan Nicholas thanked all who had completed their service in the diocesan administration for their fruitful work and all of the delegates for their participation in the assembly, and congratulated all of the elected candidates. A prayer was then sung and a group photograph was taken in front of the church.

After the assembly, before departing home for their parishes, a short meeting of the new Diocesan Council was held with the participation of the Auditing Committee.



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