GERMAN DIOCESE: 25 October 2022
The German Diocese holds youth events

The maintenance of the Russian Cemetery in Neroberg, Wiesbaden, Germany, is not only the duty of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, but is an opportunity to come into contact with the history of Russian-German relations, and pay respects to the eminent and less-eminent figures individuals buried there.

Once or twice a year, youth of the German Diocese of ROCOR gather in Wiesbaden to clear the graves and clean the monuments and cemetery paths. This year, the tending to the cemetery coincided with a formal ball for Orthodox youth. Priest Alexej Lemmer from Bad-Kissingen accompanied the young people, who gathered from various parishes throughout Germany for the two-day event.

On Friday evening, 14 October, the youth gathered for the ball in the Russian School in Western Wiesbaden. Priest Valerij Mikheev, Deputy Rector of the local St Elizabeth Parish, opened with an inspiring sermon, following which was dinner and dancing by many new acquaintances.

After a common breakfast on Saturday morning, the young people and the two priests performed a moleben in church. The drizzling weather soon cleared, and the rest of the day at the cemetery was sunny. The tombstones were cleaned of moss and dirt, the inscriptions once again brightened, and the pathways were cleared of fallen leaves.

After lunch, the kids were led on a tour of the chapel and cemetery. A commemorative pannikhida was then performed over the grave of the late Archbishop Agapit of Stuttgart, whose bright memory is shared by many.

Some youth returned to work, while others departed to attend all-night vigil in the church. That evening they met for dinner in their hotel. The young people found much and common well into the night.

Sunday began with Divine Liturgy. Many boys served in the altar, others sang in the choir. Fr Valerij thanked the youth for their work and invited them to a trapeza luncheon. Those who did not need to travel home took a tour of the city of Wiesbaden.

Maria Pljukhina, Stuttgart
Vestnik Germanskoj eparkhii


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