Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe leads a Liturgical workshop for altar servers

On July 10, 2022, the fourth Sunday after Pentecost, His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe served the Divine Liturgy at the Diocesan Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs in London, England, co-served by the Cathedral clergy: Archpriest Vitaly Serapinas, Archpriest Yaroslav Hudymenko, and Deacon Andrei Borisas and Deacon Alexander Groves.

Following the Divine Liturgy and a luncheon provided to all the faithful by the Cathedral Sisterhood, Bishop Irenei led a Liturgical workshop for Altar servers. The first of what are intended to become regular workshops throughout the year for those who serve in the Holy Altar, whether as Servers, Readers, Subdeacons, or in the ranks of Deacon and Priest, Sunday’s workshop provided an initial opportunity for the Bishop to speak to the assembled servers about the nature of service in the holy places, provoking deeper spiritual understanding of the sacredness of such labors; and it was also the occasion to provide practical instruction in many "hands-on" elements of service in the Holy Altar.

Throughout, Vladyka reminded those present that "to serve in the Altar of God is a fearful and wonderful thing. Every action is meaningful, every step purposeful, and if we submit ourselves wholly to the will of God, expressed in the liturgical heritage of His Church, we can make of our every step and movement in the Altar a living prayer that brings glory to Almighty God and leads the faithful to the heights of prayer."

His Grace also expressed his heartfelt wish and expectation that in every parish of the diocese "we should become ever more perfect examples of the unique and precious heritage of divine service that has its first origins in the Will of God going all the way back to Moses, and which has been preserved and handed down to us in a unique way by our forefathers in the Church Abroad. Their legacy is ours, and we must learn it, and know it, and live it to the full."

In addition to the Altar Servers of the London Cathedral, at whom the workshop was principally aimed, Altar servers from other parishes - including from Norfolk and Ireland - also participated.



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