Mitred Protopriest Roman Lukianov Dies (Statement from the Press Office of the Synod of Bishops)

Today, Monday, May 14, 2007, at 12 noon, Mitred Protopriest Roman Lukianov, long-time Rector of Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church in Boston, passed away. Fr Roman retired from rectorship in January 2007 due to ill health, which had burdened him for many years. Over his 40 years of service as a priest, Fr Roman established a solid parish, built a beautiful church and set up a Saturday school.

The sad news was received at the Synod of Bishops Chancery after the conclusion of a moleben in connection with the departure of the official delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia to Moscow for the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion. The first pannikhida for Fr Roman was served in St Sergius Chapel on the first floor of the Synodal building, at which His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus and other members of the delegation prayed.

The late batiushka was for many years a proponent of reestablishing unity within the Russian Orthodox Church. Sensing that the end was approaching, Fr Roman hastened to fulfill the wishes of the third First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, His Eminence Metropolitan Philaret: in November 2006, he gave Vladyka Philaret's personal vestments, which were preserved for many years by the newly-reposed Protopriest of Boston, to His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II.

Those who visited Fr Roman in recent months attest to the fact that his visage had a special glow and was filled with Paschal joy.

The new Rector of Epiphany Church, Priest Victor Boldewskul, who is a member of the delegation, was appointed by His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus as a representative of Fr Roman, who was deeply saddened that the illness bestowed upon him by the Creator prevented him from returning to the Homeland for the signing of the Act.

Fr Victor and the members of Fr Roman's family, who are members of the unified choir of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, are dedicating their pilgrimage to the memory of the reposed pastor.

The funeral service will be held on Tuesday, May 22, in Epiphany Church in Boston. By the blessing of the Primate of the Russian Church Abroad, Protopriest Vsevolod Drobot is charged with making all funeral and burial arrangements. The schedule will be posted on the parish site at: www.bostonrusschurch.org


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