Resolution of the Diocesan Assembly of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese October 3/16 – 4/17 2007

In the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit,

We, the clergy of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese have assembled at the Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin in Des Plaines/Chicago for prayer and discussion of current pastoral concerns.

Offering up thanks to Almighty God for all His abundant mercies bestowed upon the Russian Church and upon our Chicago and Mid-America Diocese during the past year, it is with great joy that we remember the feast of Ascension on May 17 of this year, when the canonical unity of the Russian Church was restored. Keeping in mind that over the course of Church History there were many rifts and schisms, very few of which were healed, we perceive the events of May 17 as a great miracle of God's mercy to us sinners. For us specifically this was manifested in concelebration in the spirit of peace and love of our Bishop Peter and many of the diocesan clergy with His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II.

This spirit was further demonstrated in the visitation of our Diocese by the miracle working Reigning Icon of Mother of God, from which a Serbian woman was healed of cancer in our cathedral. The delegation of archpastors, pastors and the Sretensky monastery choir shared their prayers with us on this festal occasion.

This year we were also comforted by the knowledge that our Bishop Peter headed the pilgrimage “In the Steps of Moses” to Egypt and the Holy Land, during which a large group of Orthodox youth received spiritual instruction and edification.

Within our own Diocese there are some noteworthy happenings. At the end of September a seminar dedicated to the memory of St John Chrysostom, on the occasion of the 1,600 anniversary of his repose was held in House Springs, MO, at the only church built in his honor in the Russian Church Abroad. Earlier this year, in June, the first commencement of the Diocesan Pastoral School took place, with five graduates. Also, there is growth in the Diocese. The mission in Appleton, WI, now has regular services with a visiting priest. The mission in Wausau, WI, recently built a new log church. There is a new mission in southern Michigan. The walls of a new diocesan center are being built next to our Cathedral. For all these things we thank God again and again.

The Grace Divine, that always heals the infirm and completes that which is lacking, has clearly visited our lowliness this year and instilled within us new strength to continue our service to the Holy Church. Glory be to God for all things.

Accepted unanimously by the gathered clergy of the diocese


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