The Diocesan Headquarters Hosts Events Devoted to the Legacy of Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) and the Orthodox Mission in Indonesia

On September 15, an evening devoted to Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose), the late clergyman of the Diocese of San Francisco and Western America of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, was held at the Diocesan Headquarters of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand. The event began with an archpastoral address read by His Eminence Archbishop Hilarion of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand, who introduced the main speaker, a Doctor of History, Protopriest Michael Protopopov. Fr Michael is the Dean of Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. He began by noting that Fr Seraphim always stressed that the main problem of Orthodoxy is not "jurisdictions" but the absence of an ecclesiastical and evangelical spirit. This is the reason that not only missionaries but Orthodox Christians in general do not taste of success in their apostolic activities. Apostle Paul long ago warned the faithful that many will not come to the Church of Christ because Christians will not live up to their high calling. For this reason, Fr Seraphim always called upon people to know themselves and not judge their neighbor. If a person sees himself in the true light, he will develop sympathy towards his neighbor, he will learn not to hate, he will learn humility, love and other good works, which are the finest means of proselytizing Orthodoxy.

At the end of a lively discussion following Fr Michael's speech, many participants of the spiritually-beneficial evening proceeded to Archbishop Hilarion's church, where a pannikhida to Fr Seraphim was performed.

On October 6, an event was devoted to the Orthodox Mission in Indonesia. The main speaker was Fr Daniel, Head of the Mission. Fr Daniel spoke about the successes and difficulties of his Mission and answered questions.


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