The Feast day of the Holy Trinity in Toronto

The parish of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Toronto is now one of the largest in North America; on holidays and Sunday liturgies, it is common for over 150 people to partake of holy communion, and the “vessel” of the church holds up to 500 worshipers. Almost two thousand gather for Christmas and Pascha; the number of Orthodox faithful in Toronto has been growing in recent years.

This year, His Grace Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan, Ruling Bishop of the Eastern Canadian Diocese, officiated on the first day of the Feast of the Holy Trinity. He was joined by the parish Rector, Protopriest Vladimir Malchenko, Protopriests George Bielay, John Grigoriak and Vsevolod Martysyewicz and Priest George Sachewsky, along with Deacons Christopher Breen and Viktor Tchernikov. The large, grand cathedral in Toronto, adorned with the traditional birch branches, could not even accommodate all the God-loving worshipers who gathered to celebrate the holday of Light: many stood in the narthex and on the staircase. During the hourse, Vladyka Gabriel ordained Mark Lumes as reader, a young parishioner of the Bulgarian parish of St. John of Rila in Niagara Falls. Vladyka had met with the rector of this church, Priest Todor Grosdanov, the evening before.

During the Great Entrance, Bishop Gabriel, in accordance with the decree of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, granted a mitre to the eminent rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Toronto, Protopriest John Grigoriak (Fr. John has served as pastor in the Church of Christ for over 40 years), and Protopriest Vsevolod Martyseywicz, who is retired, residing at Protection Church in Hamilton, ON, was given an ornamented cross. Fr. Christopher Breen of Protection Church in Hamilton was also elevated to rank of Protodeacon during the Entrance (he is also the legal advisor to the Canadian Diocese (see photo).

After the sermon of Bishop Gabriel devoted to the grace of the effect of the Holy Spirit on the life of every servant of God, vespers for the Holy Trinity began. The service ended at two in the afternoon. The host of clergymen, accompanied by the singing of the troparion, moved to the church hall, where the parish Sisterhood had prepared a trapeza feast.

After the luncheon, Bishop Gabriel once again congratulated everyone on the occasion of the parish feast day, the clergy on their awards, and the Sisterhood for their efforts. In his response, the Rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Protopriest Vladimir Malchenko thanked His Grace Bishop Gabriel for visiting on their feast day and for his eternal care for the Canadian Diocese, that had suffered greatly in recent years. Vladyka Gabriel in Protopriest John Grigoriak were presented beautiful porcelain plates with views of St. Petersburg by Fr. Vladimir. These were prepared in the northern capital of our Homeland in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the great city on the Neva River. Vladyka noted that among his ancestors were many natives of St. Petersburg, so he was very pleased to receive a gift made in the homeland of his ancestors.

The celebration ended with the singing of Eternal Memory for the founders of Holy Trinity Parish and all its reposed parishioners.

After the trapeze, His Grace Bishop Gabriel flew to New York to celebrate the liturgy on the Day of the Holy Spirit in Astoria.

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