FRANCE: Archbishop Seraphim reposes (formerly of Geneva and Western Europe) - November 24, 2003

BROOKLYN: The Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God visits the Parish of the Holy New Martyrs (photo-report) - November 24, 2003

JORDANVILLE: From the Editors of Pravoslavnaya Rus' - November 21, 2003

EASTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE: Fire at Holy Cross Skete - November 21, 2003

MOSCOW: Delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in Moscow November 18, 2003

NEW YORK: The oldest parish of the conciliar Church in New York celebrated its 75th anniversary (photo-report)--November 19, 2003

NEW YORK: Schedule of the Celebration at the Synodal Cathedral- - November 14, 2003

SAN-FRANCISCO: The Oldest Clergyman of the Russian Diaspora,
Protopresbyter Elias Wen, Turns 107!
- November 15, 2003

LOS ANGELES: Protection Parish celebrates its 50th anniversary (photo-report)- November 13, 2003

EASTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE: Southern Deanery Resolution - November 12 2003

GEELONG: The last leg of the First Hierarch's visit to Australia is the celebration of the 50th anniversary in Geelong (photo-report) - November 8, 2003

The First Hierarch's Visit to the Australian Diocese Ends
Vladyka Metropolitan Laurus conducts services in Melbourne, Dandenong and on the 50th Anniversary in Geelong

NEW YORK: The Oldest Parish of the Conciliar Russian Church in New York to mark its 75th anniversary on 15-16 November - November 7, 2003

BELGRADE: His Holiness Patriarch Pavle greets pilgrims from Washington (photo-report) - 6 November 2003

\AUSTRALIAN DIOCESE; Resolution of the Pastoral Conference in Sydney, Australia - October 30, 2003

AUSTRALIA: Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Holy Protection Church in Cabramatta (photo-report) -30 October 2003

BRISBAINE: The First Hierarch, Metropolitan Laurus, serves for the first time at the oldest church of the Australian Diocese (photo-report) – October 29, 2003

JORDANVILLE: Two Years as First Hierarch: Glory to God for All Things! - October 26, 2003

LONDON: The lower church of Dormition Cathedral is consecrated (photo-report) – October 25, 2003

CABRAMATTA: Anniversary Concert of Church Music at Protection Church (photo-report) –October 24, 2003

AUSTRALIAN DIOCESE: THE FIRST HIERARCH IN AUSTRALIA: The 50th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul in Stratfield - October 21, 2003

WADI FARA: Archbishop Mark officiates at the feast day of the Skete of St. Chariton – October 17, 2003

MONTREAL: The XVI Annual Church Music Conference concludes - October 16, 2003

WESTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE: The First Hierarch in California: 50th Anniversary of the Church of the Ascension in Sacramento - October 14, 2003

SIBERIA: Photo-report from the Ishim Diocese - October 11,2003

CLEVELAND: Resolution of the Clergy Conference of the Chicago Diocese - October 10, 2003

NYACK: Clergy, parishioners and graduates of Protection School see E.A. Slobodskoy off to her final voyage (photo-report) - October 7, 2003

The forthcoming expanded pastoral conference entitled “Path of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia: Past and Future,” is scheduled for 8-12 December 2003 - October 6, 2003

WESTERN EOROPEAN DIOCESE: 310 Years Ago, the Miracle-working Icon of the Mother of God of Lesna Appeared FEAST DAY AT LESNA CONVENT - October 5, 2003

GERMANY: Clergy Conference in Frankfurt and Resolution – October 5, 2003

ARGENTINA: Family holiday in Temperley (photo-report) – September 28, 2003

NEW YORK: Metropolitan Laurus and Synod Members Meet with President Vladimir Putin of Russia - September 25, 2003

NEW YORK: Synodal Ukase on the Expanded Pastoral Conference – September 24, 2003

MAHOPAC: Feast day at Koorsk-Root Hermitage - September 24 2003

FRANCE: In Memory of Mother Elizabeth - September 22, 2003

EASTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE: Saint Andrew's Russian Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, FL, Marks its 50th Anniversary - September 21, 2003

BUENOS AIRES: The restoration of Resurrection Cathedral continues - 20 September 2003

EASTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE: The Eastern American Diocese Marks the 100th Anniversary of the Glorification of St. Seraphim of Sarov - September 10, 2003

NEW JERSEY: The First Hierarch in Trenton (photoreport) - September 10, 2003

NEW YORK: The Regular Session of the Synod of Bishops Concludes - September 10, 2003

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