Schedule of Celebrations of the 1025th Anniversary of the Baptism of Russia in the Eastern American Diocese

Tuesday, July 23rd
5:30 PM: Pannikhida at St Olga’s Church for all the founders and benefactors of St Vladimir Memorial Church.
6:00 PM: All-night vigil at St Olga’s Church led by His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion.

Wednesday, July 24th – Holy Equal-of-the-Apostles Great Princess Olga
9:00 AM: Greeting of Metropolitan Hilarion at St Olga’s Church.
9:30 AM: Great Consecration of St Olga’s Church, followed by Divine Liturgy.

Saturday, July 27th
5:00 PM: All-night vigil at St Vladimir Memorial Church.

Sunday, July 28th – Holy Equal-of-the-Apostles Great Prince Vladimir
8:30 AM: Hours. Clergy must be vested in white vestments by 8:30 am. A temporary vestry will be set up in St Olga’s Church.
9:00 AM: Procession for the greeting of the three wonder-working icons of the Mother of God.
9:20 AM: Greeting Metropolitan Hilarion, followed by Divine Liturgy. A grand procession will be held after the Liturgy with the blessing of the waters and a new monument to Abp. Vitaly (Maximenko), Abp. Nikon (Rklitsky), and Met. Laurus (Skurla).