SAN FRANCISCO: June 27, 2011
Appeal by Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters of the Western American Diocese!

The wife of a clergyman of our diocese, the rector of the New Russian Martyrs Church in Mulino, Oregon, Priest Sergei Sveshnikov, requires urgent surgery. Matushka Elizabeth has avascular necrosis and without an operation risks becoming an invalid at 35 years. It is necessary to collect at least $20,000.00 in the near future. By God's mercy the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has begun a collection for Matushka. Our diocesan Fund for Needy Diocesan Clergy will help with some money, but we, the clergy and faithful of the diocese where Fr Sergei serves, should not remain on the sidelines.

I call upon you to firstly pray for the health of the servant of God Elizabeth, and secondly, to help Fr Sergei's family financially. Please send your checks (earmarked: m. Elizabeth) to the diocesan office.

Western American Diocese
598 15th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

May God's blessings be upon all those who respond to this appeal.

Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America

Donations for Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov and his matushka are accepted via checks
or PayPal on the Fund for Assistance to ROCOR website: fundforassistance.org