BOSTON: December 18, 2009
Schedule of Funeral Services For Archimandrite Joasaph at Epiphany Church in Roslindale, MA

Friday, December 18: All-night vigil at 6 pm, followed by reading of the Canon for the departure of the soul from the body.

Saturday, December 19: Hours and Divine Liturgy at 9 am. All-night vigil at 6 pm.

Sunday, December 20: Hours and Divine Liturgy at 9 am. That evening, parastas at 6 pm. The coffin will then be taken to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY.

Monday, December 21: Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral at 6 am. Funeral and burial at the monastic cemetery at 1 pm.

It is requested that donations in memory of Fr Joasaph be made to the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem: Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Epiphany, 963 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131-2309.