GENEVA: 25 September 2008
Directive from Bishop Michael to the Diocese of Western Europe 

Geneva, 6/19 September 2008
Commemoration of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael at Colossae

To All the Clergy of the Diocese of Western Europe
of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia 

October 9 of this year marks the 20th anniversary of the repose of the ever-memorable Protopriest Alexander Trubnikov. 

For this reason, we order that on Sunday, October 5, in each parish of our Diocese, a pannikhida be solemnly celebrated for the repose of his soul, preceded by an edifying homily.  It is also desirable that, wherever possible, a pannikhida also be celebrated on the actual day [of his passing]—October 9. 

In 1946, the ever-memorable Fr Alexander played a decisive role in the restoration of the Diocese of Western Europe of our Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.  During World War II and immediately afterwards, the Russian people in Europe endured extraordinary privations and oppression.  The Russian parishes were at that time in an extremely difficult position.  The administration itself was on the verge of utter collapse.  And at that time Fr Alexander received his rank; and all that he possessed—living quarters, earnings, time and intellect—he placed at the disposal of the Diocesan Administration.    There were few to help him at that time.  But when, in 1950, St John of Shanghai arrived to take over the Diocese, it existed and was legally constituted, thanks to the labors of Fr Alexander.  Its further development and strengthening took place under the grace-filled leadership of the all-embracing holy hierarch. 

This year we mark not only the 20th anniversary of the repose of our beloved Fr Alexander, but also the 100th anniversary of his birth. 

May his memory be eternal!

Bishop of Geneva and Western Europe