AS Pushkin Russian School Organizes a Summer Camp at Our Lady of Kazan Church

Since 2005, AS Pushkin Russian School, affiliated with St Nicholas Cathedral in Montreal, Canada, has been organizing an educational summer camp for children. Both last summer and this year, it was held in Rawdon, Quebec, a picturesque suburb of Montreal, on the premises of the Church of Our Lady of Kazan.  

This year, August brought cloudy, rainy weather. But there were enough sunny days, providing the children, ages 7 through 13, the opportunity to swim and play in the forest. They also made a visit to Granby Zoo. Interestingly, when they boarded the buses, it was raining, but as soon as they departed, the rain ended and good weather reigned for the entire trip. Then, as soon as they boarded the buses to return to camp, a thunderstorm began. 

Every day, the camp began and ended with common prayer. There were also singing classes, so that the children were then able to sing in the choir during Divine Liturgy in Kazan Church on Sunday. 

Pushkin Russian School will begin the new school year on September 1/14 at St Nicholas Cathedral. We offer our readers photos of the camp in Rawdon below.