DIOCESE OF GERMANY: August 17, 2008
The German Diocese is Collecting Donations to Help the Refugees and Victims of the Military Conflict in the Georgia-South Ossetia region

Circular to All Clergymen and Wardens of the Diocese of Germany and Great Britain 

In connection with the military actions in South Ossetia, the Alansky Convent, which we have supported since the Beslan events, and the affiliated trauma-therapeutic center, have tended to the needs of refugees. These needs are great. 

I ask all clergymen and wardens of our diocese to make a plate collection the next Sunday to help the refugees of Ossetia. 

Collected funds may be transferred to the special account set up for the children of Beslan:

Russische Orthodoxe Diozese
IBAN DE 81700202706060580314
Hypovereinsbank Munich

+Archbishop Mark