MOSCOW: February 23, 2008
Members of the ROCOR Delegation Headed By Metropolitan Laurus Participate In All-night Vigil At Danilov Monastery (Photo-report)

On February 23, 2008, the delegates of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia accompanying His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus prayed during all-night vigil at Moscow's Danilov Monastery. Here, Archimandrite Alexei, the Prior, along with the brethren of the holy monastery warmly greeted the visitors. It is worth noting that Georgi Lvovich Safonov, the choir director of the holiday choir of Danilov Monastery, has participated many times in church music conferences of the Russian Church Abroad held in North America and Australia. During the reading of the kathisma, Mr Safonov received the blessing of the Primate and the other bishops of the Russian Church Abroad. His Grace Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan emerged for the polyeleos, the reading of the Gospel and anointing of the worshipers, who was joined by the monastic brethren and priestly members of the ROCOR delegation. We offer photographs of the event below.