SAN FRANCISCO: June 28, 2007
Hegumen Andronik (Kotliaroff) is suspended from his priestly duties

Archbishop Mark
of Berlin, Germany and Great Britain
Overseer of the Convents and properties of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in the Holy Land


San Francisco, 15/28 June 2007


To His Reverence
Hegumen Andronik (Kotliaroff)

By this Ukase, Hegumen Andronik (Kotliaroff), for his self-willed abandonment of the obedience entrusted to him at the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, is suspended from performing his priestly functions on the basis of Canon 16 of the Holy Apostles and Canon 17 of the VI Ecumenical Council, until his full repentance or until another decision by the Spiritual Court.

It is cautioned that should you dare to perform priestly functions in violation of this Ukase, you will defrocks yourself from the priestly rank.

+Archbishop Mark
of Berlin and Germany
Overseer of the REM in Jerusalem