JORDANVILLE: September 11, 2006
Holy Trinity Monastery Publishes a New Service Book for Divine Liturgy and the Russian-language “Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Calendar”

The Service Book (hard-bound), in Slavonic, is $30.00.

The price of the Russian-language “Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Calendar” is $20.00. The first section contains general calendar information, and the second includes a monthly calendar with the Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel readings for each day; the third section contains instructions for services for Sundays and holidays. Serving as prologues are “Sermons on the Priesthood,” “Discussion on the Ordination to the Priesthood,” and “Conversations on Repentance” by St John Chrysostom. This marks the 1600 th anniversary of the death of St John; users of this Calendar can learn of his wondrous and edifying writings. The Calendar includes the usual Russian-language addendum: a list of bishops, clergymen and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia along with their addresses.