JORDANVILLE: April 3, 2006

Statement from the Editors of "Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Calendar"


The editors of the calendar for this year, and the liturgical instructions included therein, hasten to bring to the attention of precentors, chanters and all persons interested in the Church's typicon, that in the order for the service of the feast of the Annunciation, to be precise on page 45 of the liturgical instructions, two vexing errors were permitted, It is indicated that a kathisma should be read on the First Hour, which, in fact, the typicon prescribes not to do this year. Furthermore, on "Lord, I have cried", at the vesperal Divine Liturgy on the actual day of the feast, the Calendar fails to indicate that before the festal stichera are chanted, the sticheron idiomelon of the day, from the Triodion ("Departing from Thy divine commandments as from Jerusalem...") is to be chanted twice. The editors ask pardon for the errors they allowed, and greet all with the impending feast.