NEW YORK: October 12, 2006
The 150 th Anniversary of the Birth and 80 th Anniversary of the Death of AD Kastal'sky Will Be Marked at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign

This year marks the 150 th anniversary of the birth and 80 th anniversary of the death of the eminent church composer, Alexander Dimitrievich Kastal'sky. As Director of the Moscow Synodal School and as Choir Director of the Synodal Choir, Kastal'sky led the movement to develop a truly Russian style of harmonizing the ancient chants of the Church.

To commemorate his enormous contribution to liturgical music, the Synodal Choir will sing Kastal'sky's music under the direction of the young and talented PA Fekula at the all-night vigil on Saturday, November 18, at 6 pm; and at Divine Liturgy on Sunday, November 19, at 9:30 am. His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, will officiate at the services.