SYNOD OF BISHOPS: October 5, 2006
Statement by Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan

It was with profound spiritual revulsion that I read the item on the Russian-language website “Portal-Credo,” where the following “blessing” is ascribed to me:

“At the conclusion of the meeting [that is, my archpastoral meeting with the Parish of Blessed Xenia in Ottawa—Bp. Gabriel], Archbishop Gabriel blessed the faithful [to make] all actions of protest, except violent ones, and even assured them that he would support the efforts of the protesters.”

All this “information” is a shameless provocation, lies from beginning to end, beginning with my so-called rank of “archbishop.” The organizers of this provocation as well as the sources exploited by “Portal” are well known to me.

I regret that I did not heed the advice of individuals close to me who recommended that I refrain from any contact with “Portal-Credo,” which is a Russophobic and anti-ecclesiastical publication sowing hatred towards the entire Russian Orthodox Church, both in the Fatherland and Abroad.

For the uninformed, I can only repeat that together with all Russian Orthodox people, I desire Church unity. Arguments, at times heated, on this matter stem only from the choice of the best path towards such unity.

Gabriel, Bishop of Manhattan,
Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR
New York, September 21/October 4, 2006