FRANCE: April 2002

A New Film on Archbishop Seraphim: God, Man and Animals

The Creation of all that is visible and invisible, as our Church teaches, is an act of All the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. But in the fourth century, the heresy of Arianism arose, which stated that Our Lord Jesus Christ not only did not create the whole world, but is Himself, in some moment of time, the creation of God the Father. The Holy Fathers, convening at the Fist Ecumenical Council, recognized the falsity of this teaching and composed the Creed, which we hear at every liturgy. They introduced nothing new, simply affirmed in a convenient and brief form the eternal teaching of the Orthodox Church. A new film by Archbishop Seraphim covers his discussion of the animal kingdom. Who created animals, and when, and then Man, and what is their relationship? Do animals have souls? Were some of them always carnivorous? Were creatures granted a peaceful existence, or, in the words of Apostle Paul, were they subjected to conflict (corruption) following the sinful fall of Man? And why, even now, do wild and carnivorous creatures become meek, trusting and obedient in the presence of righteous humans, and previously before Christ when He was with them for forty days in the desert? How did the entire animal kingdom--and in pairs--board Noah's Ark and did it in fact even exist, as some contemporary scientists question?

All these and other questions are answered by Vladyka Seraphim in his two-hour monologue, illustrated by many unique clips from the animal world.

This film is not only interesting for children but for all those who love animals, who ponders questions on God's Creation, as well as for those who have never thought about these things at all.
This film may be ordered from the studio or from the Lesna Convent bookstore:

63, Rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris, FRANCE
1, rue du Moulin
Provemont, 27150 Etrepagny, FRANCE

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