Holy Trinity Monastery Choir under Hieromonk Roman
(Krassovsky) Visits St Seraphim Church

On April 16, Hieromonk Roman along with several members of the Holy Trinity Monastery Choir came to Sea Cliff to sing at divine services at St Seraphim Church on the fifth week of Great Lent, when St Mary of Egypt is honored. The monastics and seminarians were warmly greeted by Protodeacon Paul Wolkow, M.S. Ryl and A.N. Ryl and the rest of the parishioners. The heartwarming singing of the choir aided the prayerful mood of the worshipers at all-night vigil; especially impressive was the singing of "Open to me the door of repentance, O Giver of Life." At the end of Divine Liturgy the following day, Priest Serafim Gan, Acting Rector of the Parish, said, in part: "We are happy today to greet Fr Roman and the monastery singers who granted to us this colossal spiritual support during these Great Lenten days. On behalf of all the worshipers, I express, brethren and fathers, profound gratitude to you for coming here and bringing to us the spirit of the 'Lavra Abroad,' our spiritual fortress, as Metropolitan Anastassy of blessed memory call it. We are thankful also to His Eminence Vladyka Laurus, the First Hierarch of the Russian diaspora and Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery, whose blessing we received through you today. We do not know the Lord's plans for the future of this parish, but the parishioners hope that your visit to St Seraphim Church and your participation in the services of the fifth week of Great Lent will become a tradition going forward. We fervently wish all of you glorious success, the help of God in the bearing of your labors of fasting and joyous holidays."

During the trapeza, which was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the parishioners greeted Fr Roman and the singers, and also the Senior Sister of the Parish, A.N. Ryl, who recently celebrated her namesday.

From left to right: Hieromonk Roman (Krassovsky), director of the monastery choir; Protodeacon Paul Wolkow of St Seraphim Church and Priest Serafim Gan.

Clergymen with several singers of the monastery choir.

Parishioners congratulate the Senior Sister of St Seraphim Church, A.N. Ryl.