JORDANVILLE: April 8, 2005

The Summer School of Liturgical Music is Scheduled for July 3-16

As reported by the official site of the Summer School of Liturgical Music (, studies are scheduled for July 3-16 this year at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville.

The Summer School was established in 1992 with the blessing of the Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary, His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus. The full course includes three summer sessions, at the end of which graduates are certified as choir directors, psalm-readers and psalm-reader/choir directors, and earn credits at Holy Trinity Seminary. Those who do not seek certification but wish to expand their musical knowledge can audit individual classes or the entire course by making arrangements with the School administration.

Experienced Orthodox singers are offered an additional week (July 18-22) of intensive work for developing their skills (musical "ear," intonation, phonation, diction, etc). Rehearsals of full and partial choirs give the opportunity for singers to actively participate in the resolution of various problems that arise in the area of church choral singing.

His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus and Director of the Summer School of Liturgical Music, Protopriest Andre Papkov, Executive President of the Church Music Committee of the Synod of Bishops.