SERGIEV POSAD: March 2, 2005

Protopriest Alexander Lebedeff Meets with Students at Great Hall of Moscow Theological Academy

On February 27, a meeting was held between Protopriest Alexander Lebedeff, Rector of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles and Secretary of the Committee on discussions with the Moscow Patriarchate, and students of Moscow Theological Academy at the large hall of the schools. The Rector of the MTA, Archbishop Evgeny of Verey, and members of the Academy's administration were in attendance.

Overcoming schism is a very urgent question today, and the students of the theological schools had great interest in this. For this reason, despite the fact that it was a Sunday, the auditorium was filled. During the meeting, Fr Alexander shared recollections from his past, hoping this way to familiarize the students with the lifestyle of most of the clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. In his speech, Fr Alexander paid particular attention to theological education in our Church. Aftewards, Fr Alexander answered questions and shared information on the talks between the two parts of the Russian Church, clarifying what problems dividing the Russian Church in the 20th century were being discussed at the joint meetings.