Australian Parishes Mark the 25th Anniversary
of the Death of Priest Vladimir Evskiukov

Solemn pannikhidas were performed in the parishes of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, on June 29, 2005, the 25th anniversary of the repose of Father Vladimir Evskiukov. A special service was held in the Melbourne Cathedral, where Fr Vladimir served as parish rector.

Fr Vladimir graduated Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville in 1966. That year he was ordained to the deaconate by Bishop Anthony of Melbourne (who later became Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America). On August 3, 1969, Bishop Constantine of Brisbaine ordained Fr Vladimir into the priesthood.

Until 1975, Fr Vladimir was the rector of the parish in Djeelong, after which he was transferred to Protection Cathedral in Melbourne. Six months later, Archbishop Theodosius of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand (+1980) appointed him the Cathedral Rector, and in 1978 he was awarded the pectoral cross.

Fr Vladimir died at the age of 37, during his 11th year of service as a priest. He was a particularly enthusiastic educator, establishing the periodical Pokrovskiye listki ["Protection Pages"], which were published in large editions by the printing concern he established, St Ksenia the Blessed Press. Fr Vladimir also established an Orthodox Bible Youth Group and was its spiritual guide, as well as the spiritual father of Pravoslavnoye Delo ["Orthodox Work"] in Australia, and was a member of the Central Committee of the Brotherhood abroad. As a member of the Brotherhood, he fought to aid those who suffered persecution for Orthodoxy in our Fatherland, which was suffering at the hands of the godless state.

Archbishop Theodosius and Priest Vladimir Evsiukov.

The funeral service for Fr Vladimir at Melbourne Cathedral.