RUSSIA: October 11, 2004

Ekaterinburg Residence Escort Relics of SS Elizaveta and Varvara to Perm

As reported by the official website of the Ekaterinburg Diocese, the relics of Holy Martyrs Elizaveta and Varvara (martyred near Alapaevsk in 1918 by Bolshevik executioners) spent ten days in the Ekaterinburg Diocese. During this time, the relics were venerated not only by the residents of Ekaterinburg, but also of Nizhny Tagil, Verkhoturiye, Alapaevsk, and Nevyansk. The relics also visited many hospitals, military stations, boarding schools and prisons. Tens of thousands of Uralians were able to approach the relics with prayerful appeals and ask for the intercession of SS Elizaveta and Varvara.

On Saturday, after early divine liturgy at Holy Trinity Cathedral, the relics were transferred via a procession of the cross to the train station of Ekaterinburg. The procession, in which over a thousand parishioners of Holy Trinity Cathedral participated,

was headed by His Eminence Archbishop Vikentii of Ekaterinburg and Verkhoturiye. His Grace Bishop Michael of Boston also participated in the procession.

After a brief moleben at the train station, the relics departed for the Diocese of Perm to continue their visit to Russia.

A procession of the cross with five thousand people escorted the relics from the Perm train station to the ancient Slutsk Church. The procession was headed by His Grace Bishop Irinarkh of Perm and Solikamsk, as reported by RIA "Novosti."

"Despite the pouring rain, the entire plaza in front of the church was crammed with dozens of buses with pilgrims who came to venerate the relics," stressed a representative of the Fund of St Andrew the First-called, which helped bring the relics from Jerusalem to Russia and organized their travels throughout the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The holy relics of the martyrs of Alapaevsk will remain on the territory of the Perm Diocese until October 13, 2004.