The Kindernothilfe (“Fund for Aid for Children”) and the
Diocese of Berlin and Germany are Helping the Childrenís Hospital in Ossetia

The German Kindernothilfe (“Fund for Aid for Children”) and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia have launched a program to help the victims of the terrorist act in Beslan. On Saturday, September 11, an airplane departed from Munich Airport containing medical apparatus valued at 200,000 Euros. Transportation costs were assumed by the German government. The plane arrived in Beslan at 3:25 pm…

While all of Russia mourns over the events and Ossetia buries over 300 victims, doctors from the Ossetian Republicís Childrenís Clinical Hospital in its capital, Vladikavkaz (headed by chief physician Dr U.N. Djanaev), are fighting for the lives of more than 100 Beslan children. The German Kindernothilfe, at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church in Germany (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) has provided medical equipment valued at 200,000 Euros for the treatment of these children, and decided to support the organization of a therapeutic clinic in Beslan.

In the first hours after the freeing of the hostages, over 200 seriously-injured and traumatized children arrived at the Childrenís Clinical Hospital of the Ossetian Republic, but thanks to the selfless labor of the medical staff of the Clinic, all of these children were saved.

Still, these children are in need in further intensive care and medical supervision. At the present time, more than 100 children are under care. Doctors expect that in the next few days, more children will arrive in the hospital: some of those who were released to go home after their operations might suffer relapses and must undergo further hospital treatment, so a series of further operations is expected.

Yet the capacity of the Childrenís Clinical Hospital do not allow for such a stream of patients. Besides everything else, equipment for endoscopy, corresponding technology and special surgical instruments are needed. The Hospital must be reequipped with functioning beds, and also special inhalators and sterilizers. The Kindernothilfe and the ROCOR chartered Saturdayís plane (a Transall) to Vladikavkaz. This flight, financed by the German Federal Republic, is being overseen by Deacon Andrei Sikojev of ROCOR, the initiator of this program.

His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia said: “We grieve for the victims. We especially feel sorrow for the wounded and injured children. But along with our prayers for the dead and the orphaned, quick and practical help is needed for the physical and spiritual health of these children!”

Dr Thiesbonenkamp, the President of Kindernothilfe, describes their tasks thus:

“In the long term, Kindernothilfe will help support the organization of a walk-in Therapeutic Clinic, where seriously-traumatized children can receive help from the clergy, teachers and doctors, which will help them overcome the terrible memories of these days and gain a new lease on life. A possible partner in cooperation is the Russian Orthodox Church in Ossetia.”

Contact has been established with representatives of His Eminence Archbishop Feofan of Stavropolsk and Vladikavkaz.

The Deputy Minister of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) S.I. Sikojeff met the plane containing the humanitarian aid in Vladikavkaz, along with the Chief Physician of the CCHR, Dr U.N. Djanaev, and representatives of the clergy headed by Protopriest Vladimir Samoilenko on behalf of His Eminence Archbishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz.

Please help the children of Beslan through donations for medical services and the organization of a Therapeutic Center!

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For its open and committed appeals for donations, Kindernothilfe has since 1992 been granted the Seal of Approval for Charitable Organizations by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI).

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