Main Cupola and Cross Elevated Over Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

Early in the morning of October 12, several enormous vehicles drove up to Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, carrying parts of a colossal crane. The crane was quickly assembled to perform the act long awaited by the parish: the elevation of the main cupola and cross to crown the Cathedral.

The cupola ascended slowly, its golden crown glistening under the azure sky. Then, after the cupola was fitted into place, the cross was hoisted upwards. With the singing in one voice of the troparion to the cross, "Save, Lord, Thy People," by the rector and the priests from neighboring parishes, the cross was raised over the cupola and slowly lowered into place.

The consecration of the cupola and cross had been performed earlier by His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill during the feast day of the Cathedral, the Transfiguration of the Lord.

The Cathedral Rector, Protopriest Alexander Lebedeff, said during an interview after the event:

"Today is a momentous occasion, not only for our parishioners, but for all Orthodox Christians of our city. For some twenty-five years, since the commencement of the construction of our Cathedral, we have awaited this day—the day when our church would be crowned with a cupola and cross. And now, by the mercy of God, we have finally seen it, we have lived to this day. Let us pray to the Lord that He help us complete the plan, so that another twenty cupolas and crosses adorn our Cathedral."

The next four cupolas are scheduled to be erected during the next three of four months.