Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Clerical Service of Protopriest Gregory Kotliaroff

On Sunday, December 5, the worshipers of St Sergius Church on Tolstoy Farm celebrated the 35th anniversary of the clerical service of Protopriest Gregory Kotliaroff. Divine liturgy was performed by His Grace Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan, who, at the end of the moleben that followed gave Fr Gregory a gramata [decree of blessing] from the Synod of Bishops. A festive trapeza luncheon was then given in honor of the rector, organized by his family and the churchgoers, during which Fr Gregory was congratulated by the clergymen in attendance.

Protopriest Gregory Kotliaroff was ordained to the deaconate at Holy Protection Cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, by Bishop Theodosius, Vicar of Sydney and the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, in 1969, on the day of the latter's own consecration as bishop. In the 1970's, Deacon Gregory was elevated to the rank of protodeacon. Graduating from Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville in the early 1980's, Protodeacon Gregory was ordained into the priesthood at Holy Trinity Monastery and appointed rector of St Sergius Church in Tolstoy Farm, where he serves to this day and where he earned the love and respect of his flock.

We wish Fr Gregory, Matushka Olga and their family and flock many mercies and blessings from God for many years!