NEW YORK: November 18, 2004

Appeal of His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus on the Newly-formed Fundraising Arm of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Which Launches its Annual Fundraising Campaign for the Needs of the Church in the Eastern American Diocese

From the Editors: Authorized by the Synod of Bishops, the FAR oversees all ROCOR fundraising activities, identifies funding needs, manages the annual fundraising campaign, the ROCOR Foundation and offers fundraising support to parishes and communities. Its aim is to help the members of ROCOR meet their Christian tithing obligations to service the needs of their parishes and the Church, to support our hierarchs in tending to their flock, and to provide for the needs of monasteries, schools, seminaries, and clergy.

Since 1998, $1.7 million has been raised by the Church, and help has been provided to Holy Virgin Protection Memorial Church in Ottawa, the Mt. of Olives and Gethsemane Convents and the Skete of St Chariton in the Holy Land, St. Nicholas Cathedral in Montreal, and others. Interest-free construction loans have been provided to St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Howell, NJ, Holy Dormition Church in London, St Mark's Orthodox Monastery in NYC, Intercession of the Holy Virgin Church in Glen Cove, NY and Transfiguration Church in Baltimore, MD.

Taking full advantage of the latest advances in fundraising methods, the FAR will expand charitable and benevolent operations to include: Aid to parishes, missions, monasteries and church schools, clergymen and their families in need through a reestablished Clergy Welfare Fund, and an interest-free loan program. We can help parishes collect their own dues and conduct special collection as wells.

November 1, 2004 marks the launch of the First Annual Fundraising Drive. Donors pledge monthly donations, drawn directly from their bank accounts, and specify where their donations go.

The ROCOR Foundation will help donors give through planned giving, wills, life insurance options and an array of other convenient and tax-beneficial options.

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Below is His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus' Appeal:

Dear in the Lord Clergy and Flock of our Russian Church Abroad:

The Lord has always provided for His Church the material resources needed for Her survival and salvific service to the world through the generosity of donors and Her children; to build churches and seminaries, to provide for Her clergy, to spread the word of God through missionary work. From time to time, the Lord has provided special opportunities for His Church to grow.


Thank the Lord, we now have at our disposal a new mechanism to enable our flock to more easily provide for the needs of the Holy Church; for all good deeds and projects done on a parish level become possible when all the faithful of the Church work together. For this reason, the Synod of Bishops authorized and blessed the Fundraising Arm of ROCOR to institute a program to help our parishes, schools, monasteries and missions. Your parish itself can directly benefit from this program.

I call upon all of our God-loving flock to take upon yourselves the small labor of love which we hope will enable the development of this system within the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. May the Lord help you and the FAROCOR succeed in this good work.

With love in the Lord and asking your holy prayers,

Metropolitan Laurus
First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

October 26/November 8, 2004