CHICAGO DIOCESE: October 19, 2004

Resolution of the Fall Clergy Conference

As we assemble in Chicago for our annual fall clergy conference, we congratulate His Eminence Archbishop Alypy on the 30th anniversary of his consecration to the episcopate and the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. We thank His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus and local hierarchs and clergymen for joining us in a thanksgiving moleben and banquet in Archbishop Alypy’s honor. Truly we the clergy, our flock, and the faithful of Chicago are indebted to our Archpastor for his many years of service, and we thank our Lord for His blessings upon our diocese. During our pastoral conference we were grateful to be able to spend several hours with our First Hierarch, hearing his impressions on the contemporary state of the Russian Church. We welcome the Synodal communiquÎs that inform us that our church’s commission regarding reconciliation with the Moscow Patriarchate has moved closer to resolving the issues of Ecumenism and Sergianism, and that mutual statements in principle have been agreed upon for consideration by the Synod and Council of Bishops. In the same vein, we favorably took note of the information in the report of Archimandrite Luke that the same commission has been addressing the most important concerns of our flock. Finally, we also welcome the report of Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk (given at the recent meeting of the Council of Bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate) which a short time ago appeared on our church’s web site. His words were imbued with the spirit of mutual understanding and clearly showed that there is a sincere intent within the Moscow Patriarchate to overcome misunderstandings and past personal offenses for the welfare of the greater Russian Orthodox Church. We call upon our flock to emulate that same spirit, and ask their prayers for us, their archpastors and pastors, and for the Russian Church. With God’s blessings and through their prayers may all rifts and differences be healed, and may we all, through the guidance and example of our Metropolitan and Synod of Bishops, strive for the upholding of the Orthodox faith, the pearl of great price given us by our Lord.

Unanimously approved by all in attendance:

+Archbishop Alypy
+Bishop Peter
Protopriest Peter Burlakov
Igumen Ioann
Protopriest John Shaw
Protopriest Eugene Grushetsky
Protopriest Paul Bassett
Priest John Sykaluk
Priest Martin Swanson
Priest Anthony Nelson
Priest Christopher Stade
Priest Jeremiah Loch
Priest Victor Trotsky
Priest Victor Boldewskul
Priest Michael Carney
Priest John Whitford
Priest Valery Vovkovski
Deacon Basil Gilliland
Deacon Julian Miloradovich
Priest Gregory Joyce, Secretary