Deacon Andrei Sikoeff gives Dr Vladimir Khabalov icons with the image of the Kursk-Root Mother of God.

Beslan Airport: Deacon Andrei Sikoeff outlines the plan for the priests (also the AN-26 from Munich).

Deacon Andrei Sikoeff talks to the Director of the Children's Clinic, Dr Djanaev.

Dr Djanaev tells of the work performed by the Ossetian doctors and the miracle of the saving of all 200 children the first day.

From left to right: Priests Konstantin Dzoev, Sergei Mal'tsev, Boris Samoilenko and Deacon Andrei Sikoeff sing "Eternal Memory" in the school gymnasium.

Deacon Andrei Sikoeff at the "entrance" to the gymnasium (candles, flowers and toys were placed as memorials).

Vladikavkaz Airport. On Saturday, September 11, soldiers help unload the medical equipment.

Vladikavkaz. Customs agents and border guards check the shipment.

In the hand of one of the injured girls the doctors found a cross.