Resolution of the Southern Deanery November 10th, 2003

We, the clergy of the Southern Deanery of the Diocese of New York and Eastern America, gathered at St. Mary of Egypt Russian Orthodox Church in Lilburn, Georgia before the Kursk Root Icon of the All-holy Theotokos on November 10, 2003, resolve the following:

1) Our support of the Council of Bishops in its decision to enter into dialogue with the hierarchy of the Patriarchate of Moscow.

2) Our concerns that the following issues be clearly addressed in the course of this dialogue:

a) The importance of all previous resolutions of the Councils of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia concerning the Moscow Patriarchate.

b) Sergianism: the collaboration with government activities that threaten the life of the Church.

c) Ecumenism: the official contact with heterodox bodies that compromises the Orthodox Faith, or actions and statements that imply that these bodies are a part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

d) New Martyrs: the recognition of all the new martyrs, including those who opposed Metropolitan Sergius.

e) World Orthodoxy: the relationship of the Russian Church with the other Orthodox bodies.

3) Our desire to commit ourselves and our flocks to fervent prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon our hierarchs.

Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan
Protopriest Damian Criscella
Protopriest John Townsend
Protopriest Gregory Williams
Priest Alexis Duncan
Priest Seraphim Stephens
Priest George Johnson
Priest Anastasy Yatrelis
Priest George Brooks
Priest Alexander Logunov
Priest Nicholas Raabe
Priest Seraphim Holland
Priest John Moses
Priest Mark Mancuso
Priest Onouphry Keith
Priest Viatchislav Davidenko
Deacon Anthony Bridges
Deacon Matthew Williams
Deacon John Hanson

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