A new English-language book: Letters from Fr. Seraphim (Rose)--April 2002

A new English-language book: Letters from Fr. Seraphim (Rose)
Letters from Fr. Seraphim (Rose)

The missionary publishers "Nikodemos" came out with a new book in English: Letters from Fr. Seraphim (Rose), which includes the 12-year correspondence with his spiritual son, Fr. Alexei Young. Fr. Alexei writes: "It continued for 12 remarkable years, until the premature death of Fr. Seraphim in 1982. These letters breathe simplicity and directness, for they were written without drafts and were not meant for publication, but were the result of direct responses to my questions, or of the clarification of current Church events... Still, they help towards a better understanding of Orthodoxy and the Orthodox way of life." This book can be ordered from: Nikodemos Orthodox Publications, P.O. Box 1515, Richfield Springs, NY 13439, USA. The Russian translation is being serialized in part in Pravoslavnaya Rus'.



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