On Monday, November 24, the Feast of the Montreal Iveron Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Theotokos, His Grace Archbishop Seraphim (previously of Geneva and Western Europe) reposed in the Lord.

Vladyka's repose was a result of a reoccurence of  his cancer: a tumor appeared in his bladder, and the disease spread very  quickly to his bones. On Sunday, the tumor burst and he bled profusely, and that weakened him too much for him to be able to regain any  strength. The medical personnel assured us that it was truly God's mercy, because had he lingered on with the bone cancer the pain would have been truly excruciating.

Vladyka had been feeling poorly for the past month or so, but ascribed it to old age and some sort of flu. The first indication that there was something more serious was at the time of the Liturgy of St.  James. Usually Vladyka would prepare for weeks in advance, but this year, when we asked him a few days before the service what his plans were, he admitted that he had forgotten about it entirely. He nevertheless prepared everything necessary for the service, and preached a beautiful sermon about the Prophet Daniel (it was his custom to preach on the Old Testament, reading at the Liturgy), though he admitted to being absolutely exhausted afterwards.

He  celebrated the Liturgy for the last time on November 9th and preached on the prayer  "Only-Begotten Son" and the life of the Emperor Justinian. On the  following Monday he helped us move to our winter chapel, and then spent most of  the following week in bed.

On Friday, November 14th, he let us know that he did not feel well enough to celebrate nor even attend the services that weekend, and asked us to make a doctor's appointment for him on Saturday. He refused to be hospitalized, but was supposed to be taken in for tests on Monday. During the night of Sunday, November 16th, he fell trying to get out of bed. He ended up calling the fire department and they took him to the  hospital. Vladyka was slightly better on Tuesday and began to receive  visitors. He received Holy Communion on Thursday and Saturday, when we were  informed that his condition had taken a turn for the worse and that it was doubtful that he would live much longer.

Matushka Abbess Macrina and  several sisters visited him on Sunday afternoon. He was weaving in and out of consciousness and very groggy from heavy medication, but we nevertheless hoped to take him home on Monday, at least for the last few days. But God  willed otherwise; at 2:30 am, Vladyka passed away.

May his memory be eternal!

The schedule for Vladika Seraphim's funeral is as follows:

On Wednesday, November 26th, Divine Liturgy at 7:00 am at Lesna Convent and the monastic funeral service (in accordance with Vladyka Seraphim's will) at 1:00 pm.

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